About Future Tech INSIDER

FTI is a decentralized, collaborative media focused on emerging technology.

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself, says Peter Diamandis.

At FTI, we believe that the best way to create the future is to participate in the creation.

We are on the cusp of a new world. From editing the human genome to self-driving cars, from 3D printing human organs to AI capable of learning on its own. These are not sci-fi stories but reality.

Yet, they pale compared to what tomorrow will bring. Inventions like connecting our brains to the cloud, spending our time in VR indistinguishable from real life, and (almost) human-level AI just are around the corner.

If you’re all fired up like we are by these prospects, you probably can’t stay idle and watch as the world changes in front of your eyes.

We are building a network for individuals and enterprises alike to take part in the disruptive technological and societal changes that are about to transform our world in the next decades.

Alongside with informing our readers about the leading future tech developments, FTI roadmap envisions investing (directly and indirectly) in future tech projects, as well as enabling our community to build such.

Based on concepts like the blockchain, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and crowdsourcing, FTI’s platform is intended to democratize the investments in the latest tech innovations. Our goal is to give individuals an investment banking-grade access to the right assets and portfolio structure that have the capacity to yield the highest returns at a minimum risk.

That’s not all. Members can get an even more hands-on involvement on the operational and strategic side, by becoming part of FTI DAO. This will make it possible for members to have a say in FTI’s investment strategy, contribute directly or conceptually with their expertise and network.

About Future Tech INSIDER Network (FTIN)

Future Tech INSIDER Network (FTIN) is a blockchain-powered news and media community of collaborators creating and curating content in a semi-decentralized environment. Community members are compensated according to their contribution and level of involvement with cryptocurrency rewards, e.g. the network’s native token TECH.

FTIN’s model is intended to solve a few specific problems publishers face, including, but not limited to, resource-intensive editorial operations and staff, newsrooms’ difficult access to nimble workforce, editorial diversity, market-driven remuneration and others.

FTIN leverages blockchain technologies to tap into and organize the creative power of the community, offering a model for publishers to better utilize the power of the collective journalistic and entrepreneurial talent.

Ultimately, the concept helps them diversify their content, make their editorial efforts more effective and optimize their operations.

To find out more and to join FTIN, please click here.

About the FTI News Token (TECH)

TECH is an ERC20 utility token acting as the main payment method across the network. It plays a manifold role including rewarding community members for their contributions to the network, giving users access to network products and services (e.g. advertising space, events, etc.), facilitating funding for community members’ project ideas, etc.


FTIN is backed by Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI Fund) – Google News Initiative.