AI: “The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous…”

What are AI applications?

We need to figure that out, and that’s something the AI community is trying to figure out.”

I don’t want to see artificial intelligence replace all of us, but I do want to see a society that benefits from the use of artificial intelligence. The next 50 years will be one of the most important and transformative eras in human history, and if we don’t think about what AI is and how it will impact us as a society, we’ll get it all wrong.

“This is a very, very complex issue. I don’t think anybody can understand the future.”

And it’s not just one issue. There’s also the question of AI safety. The United Nations has established a group to address this. In the long-term, the World Economic Forum projects that human unemployment will increase as a result of the growing impact of AI, and if robots have jobs, there won’t be much for humans.

What are the risks AI?

Is it a risk for humanity as a whole?

The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous, if we ignore its potential impact on humanity.

This is why I believe that the development of artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to our collective future and our lives as humans. AI is a process of design, engineering and development of artificial intelligence.

An AI is an intelligent computer system that can do things for you and with your help.

What is AI?

The process of design of an AI is called Artificial Intelligence.

The first computer systems that could be considered as AI were created in the early 20th century.

In 1936, Alan Turing’s theory of artificial intelligence was published by mathematician John von Neumann. It predicted how computers could solve complex problems in logic, language and mathematics.

Today, modern artificial intelligence techniques are used in all fields of science, from biology to physics to engineering…

And on, and on it goes.

But wait… what?

Mind you, the above text was written by AI, only prompted by a few keywords. We published it verbatim, without any edits.
So coherent and realistic, it could have easily be written by you or me. Even got Turing and Neumann’s year right.

And it concedes: “[…] artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to our collective future and our lives as humans.”

And finally, what does the fact that we now have these AI capabilities mean for the future of content creation, the likes the Steem blockchain, where users are rewarded for posting original content?

Not to mention fake news.

We have some answers. Share yours in the comments.

Only genuine thoughts, please.


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