Amazon’s new smart glasses might have opened privacy Pandora’s box

What: Amazon’s launch of a new pair of smart glasses is making some people even more uneasy about their privacy.

Earlier this week, Amazon AMZN 92,25, -1,78% released its Echo Frames glasses allowing users to interact with their Echo voice devices on-the-go.

Why: Even though Amazon’s glasses don’t have a camera, they have managed to spark public concerns in an era of increased scrutiny over Big Tech’s ability to handle user data safely.

With the new launch, some people feel, Amazon basically has let its Echo out of the door and into the wild.

“Pitching these devices for people’s homes is one thing, but encouraging people to wear listening devices all day is a step further,” one privacy advocate said quoted by Business Insider.

So what: Users have long been unsettled about the idea of smart devices, and voice assistants, in particular, listening in on them.

Some have even suggested that privacy concerns could dampen the rapid momentum of the wearables market.

And while there might not be such signs just yet, the question about what happens to our data once we give it away, and the potential implications, will only grow in significance going forward.