Companies now use AI to read job candidates’ minds

What: Employers are now able to use a variety of advanced technologies to better assess job candidates.

One company out of Utah, USA, offering these capabilities is HireVue.

How: Its video intelligence allows recruiters to capture unique features and characteristics from applicants’ self-recorded videos.

When a candidate takes a video interview, they are creating more than 25,000 unique points of data, the company explains. Based on details like intonation, inflection, facial expressions, word choice and other verbal and nonverbal cues, businesses can make a better assessment of a candidate’s quality and fit.

Examples: According to HireVue, using its technology, Unilever was able to cut its time to hire by 83% – from over four months, down to two weeks.

The company is just an example of a large pool of data-driven and AI-enabled solutions for the HR industry. Elsewhere, companies use machine learning and data analytics to screen and prioritize resumes, asses employees’ personal characteristics like honesty and ethics and others.

Recently, McDonald’s released an Alexa skill, allowing job candidates to start an application with voice commands using Amazon Echo.