Check this convincing Travis Scott deepfake song composed by an AI

Jack Park Canny Dope Man”, a song created through AI, is a scarily convincing deepfake version of US rapper Travis Scott’s style by a machine called Travisbott, a brainchild of US marketing studio space150.

The AI used a text-generator model which was trained on Scott’s discography over two weeks. The model was then able to imitate the re-occurring nuances of his style of music. 

A deep fake version of the artist was a big part of the resulting video as well, complete with neural network-created melodies and percussion arrangements.

space150 ventured into the project intending to test the technology with regard to future work in supporting its client brands. Following the experiment, the team concluded that while the tool was a promising creative tool, it still needed human intervention.

There are already several examples of music-generation AI tools out there, like Aiva or Amper, to name a few. The latter is an AI-based composer, performer and producer, built by a team of musicians and technology experts. It was reportedly one of the first ones to come up with an entire music album.

You can check out one of its tunes here