Meet the cyborg magician with 26 implants and counting

What is it: Like there is such a thing like a “regular” magician, we want you to meet Anastasia Synn who’s definitely not one.

Thanks to her 26 implants, she can work real magic both during her shows and in real life.

Synn, who was recently appeared on the Future Grind, has 11 magnets and many microchips of different frequencies.

But why: She uses them in various parts of her work including vanishing stuff, opening lockboxes or padlocks to the dismay of the audience. Other than that, she can program the chips for all kinds of purposes in her day-to-day life like unlocking her front door or her Tesla when she gets one.

Further, she is looking to put new, better chips “like ones that light up”, so when she waves her hand in the dark, she could have a stream of lights coming up the side of her hand, she explained to Future Grind Ryan O’Shea.

Pretty cool, eh?

Ain’t it dangerous: Synn says she hasn’t had any problems with the implants so far and that she’s very careful about them and that she would pull them out if she thinks any of them pose some risks.

From biohackers to companies putting chips in their employees, upgrading oneself technologically has become a movement well beyond the world of geeks.

Check this girl who installed a chip to start her Tesla Model 3. And yes, as the video says, there is blood.