Is this the first successful human age reversal trial?

What: A group of researchers, based in California, were reportedly able to make participants 2.5 years younger in a first-of-its-kind scientific trial.

How: The scientists ran the experiment among 10 healthy adult men aged 51 to 65. They gave them a cocktail of three common drugs, including growth hormone and diabetes medications, as reported by Big Think.

So what: Thanks to the therapy, the geneticists were able to reverse the participants’ epigenetic age by up to 2.5 years. Epigenetic age, as opposed to chronological age, is estimated by using special DNA markers.

In their paper, the scientists explain that they used four estimators to assess the accuracy of their findings.

What now: Needless to say, further research is needed to confirm the initial evidence but based on these limited initial results, the treatment looks promising.

Numerous anti-aging projects have cropped up in recent years, some of them backed by prominent Silicon Valley names like Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel and Sergey Brin.