FTIN dApp – writing a proposal

Hello and welcome to the Future Tech INSIDER (FTI) and the Future Tech INSIDER Network (FTIN).

This post will guide you through the process of submitting your proposal as smoothly as possible, increasing your chances of success.

– head over to http://network.futuretechinsider.com and log in with your Steem account. If you don’t have one, please get back to us.

– on the lefthand-side menu, click on FTIN to check the current proposals.

– go through the list to check if there is one you’re interested in working on

– if you find one, please read it carefully including the articles and videos from the link therein

– if you still believe it is the right one for you, submit a proposal commenting underneath

– in the comment, please quote: 1. a budget, 2. timeline for delivery; 3. a proposed structure of the article, video or relevant type of content; 4. any additional info that would help the team decide in favor of your proposal (e.g. links to previous work, knowledge of the topic etc.). Please use the template provided below.

– If you happen to have a piece of information, news or anything you believe is worth publishing on FTI, you are encouraged to submit your own proposal. Please use the template provided below.

– Wait for the votes from the Core team and the community and if successful, get down to work.

– When in doubt, remember FTI’s mission to educate and inspire about the exciting opportunities future technologies present to make this world a better place.

– At any time, do not hesitate to get back to us with any questions suggestions and of course proposals for exciting articles


Proposed article topic

Proposed article headline

Article structure (provide details with topics and subtopics)

Original sources (e.g. article first spotted, company press release, scientific paper, research, origin of article idea, etc.)

Prior information, sources (i.e. what is already out there on the topic)

Methodology (e.g. calling company X for opinion, interviewing expert Y, desktop research, prior original research, etc.)

Qualification statement (why did you decide to write on this topic?)

Volume (anticipated number of words for your article)

Budget: (in USD, ETH, STEEM or TECH)

Timeline (when do you anticipate to have your first draft ready)