Newsworthy Info – Video

Hello and thank you for your interest in participating in FTI’s experimental video editorial job.

You would be expected to provide one or more short paragraphs containing a newsworthy concept, idea, product, trends, thought, etc. which could make the basis of a news article to be published on (this site).

What you will do:

  • Watch the short video from the link that has been sent to you
  • note down any newsworthy bits of info, ideas, trends, product (launches) concepts, etc.
  • mark the name of the Speaker and the time in the video the speaker talked about each of them.
  • fill the data in the provided template (see below)
  • Google relevant/missing details if needed
  • when in doubt about content, think future tech and how it is transforming the world – this is what we’re after
  • send the template to:
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

The newsworthy bits that could you picked upon need to serve as the basis of an article, eg. either form the main idea (i.e. the headline) or develop that idea further into an article. So no general stuff and facts that are commonly known.

Below are two examples of fictional article headlines that illustrate the point.

Good example: Company X Launches Product Y in 2019 to Disrupt Industry Z
Bad Example: AI Will Revolutionize the World as We Know It

At this point, you don’t need to write an article per se, just take down the newsworthy ideas that could make an article.
This should make your job even easier – quote verbatim what the speaker said and put it in the template below.


Video YouTube URL:

Speaker/Lecturer name:

Idea 1:
Time in video:

Idea 2:
Time in video:

Idea 3:
Time in video:

Idea 4:
Time in video:

Additional Notes:

There’s no limit to the number of ideas in a video. You may need to use Google to check what’s relevant and up-to-date. E.g. a speaker is referencing a new initiative, company or a product, you can Google it and add in missing details. Sometimes it may be that those details could make up the basis of a good news story.


Video YouTube URL:

Speaker/Lecturer name: Peter Diamandis

Idea 1: Several metatrends disrupting industries today; Accelerating acceleration
Time in video: 14:19, 16:47

Idea 2
(Metatrend #1): Increasing global abundance
Time in video: 16:57

Idea 3: Accelerating demonetization & democratization
Time in video: 17:10

Idea 4: Everyone, everywhere is being connected at gigabit connection speeds
Time in video: 17:22

Idea 5: Everything, everywhere is being connected at gigabit connection speeds (IoT, IoE)
Time in video: 17:36

Idea 6: You can know anything, anytime, anywhere
Time in video: 17:45

Idea 7: A revolution of personal, autonomous fast and cheap transportation of people and things
Time in video: 18:00

Idea 8: Increasing human intelligence (AI, AR support + BCI)
Time in video: 18:09

Idea 9: Increasing human longevity and healthspan
Time in video: 18:25

Idea 10: Capital Abundance – access to capital everywhere
Time in video: 18:25

Idea 11: Increasing global cheap energy
Time in video: 18:30

Idea 12: Evidence of abundance (global income, lifespan, food, energy, transportation, communications)
Time in video: 20:06

Additional Notes:
Factors: More people are connected than ever before, they have access to more computation and the tech they’re using is cheaper than ever before.
What people have access to is becoming more abundant;

Most people are fearful about the future but it pays to look at the data.

We pay 10 times more attention to negative news than positive news and that’s all we get fed. And as a result, all we see is the world in hell in a handbasket.