Singularity University Launches New Accelerator Program

Singularity University, an educational organization in Silicon Valley focused on future technologies, has announced the launch of its new accelerator program SU Ventures.

According to the organization, the new program aims to attract startups “leveraging exponentially accelerating technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges”.

Singularity University (SU), which is headquartered at NASA and backed by companies like Google, Deloitte and others, will help startups develop their idea with a view to achieving optimal impact, raise funds, market and build their customer base.

Through a series of bootcamps, SU will provide training to select startups to apply for grants, raise funds from investors, market and sell their products. It will also introduce them to SU’s network of partners and advisors.

Interested in applying? You can do so here.

More than 1,400 participants attended this year’s SU Global Summit in San Francisco in the middle of August 2017. At the conference, the organization announced a few new educational programs and events aimed to better “prepare leaders for disruptive times, identify strategic opportunities, achieve high-impact growth, and build a better world”.

As advanced or exponential technologies (such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital biology, and robotics) continue to develop at faster rates, it is becoming more challenging for organizations of all sizes to see far enough into the future to plan for how technologies and trends will disrupt as well as create opportunities for businesses and world markets”, SU said in a press release.

Among the new programs are Program for Exponential Leadership which teaches leaders to “anticipate and leverage disruption in technologies, markets and business models, while learning to be futurists, technologists, innovators, and impact-drivers”. Other programs are designed for startups and teams teaching them to identify key future technologies that are expected to disrupt their industry and build roadmaps taking advantage of these technological changes in the most optimal way, SU explains.