Top 10 scariest future tech themes from around the web this Halloween

Today is Halloween !!!

I feel the need to give credit where credit is due. Thank you to everyone for their support, and I thank you to the people that have shown support through this past weekend by helping us spread the word.

If you are curious and want to see what some of it looks like, just head over to some of the links above. All were captured in RAW.


In case you’re wondering who Chris is and why he is so thankful… we’re wondering the same.

The above paragraph was generated by a neural net, prompted by the phrase “Today is Halloween”.

But even spookier, the AI then suggested we visit this link redirecting to a non-existing YouTube video.

While this may be what AIs make out of this year’s celebration, here we’re inviting you to celebrate with our ranking of the top 10 scariest Halloween-themed future tech trends from around the web this holiday season.

10. Horror VR games

VR experience can get sinister around Halloween, so why not check out these horror VR games

9. The scariest smart home products

Pick from a selection of scary-smart home products here and here, and even deck up your PC if you will.

8. The spookiest consumer trends

Read which tech trends keep The Observer staff all spooked out this season

7. Ask Google Home and Alexa

All the spooky stories and noises you can ask Google Home and Amazon Echo to play for you

6. Halloween chatbots anyone?

Test one or more out of this treasure trove of Halloween chatbots

5. MIT Horror Machine

Watch these horror images generated by MIT’s Horror Machine. Warning: not for the faint of heart or for those who don’t fancy scary content.

4. Not your usual Obama deepfake

This deepfake of Obama singing Spooky Scary Skeleton

3. AI-generated Halloween costumes

How about these unusual Halloween costumes generated by a neural net?

2. This interactive adventure by AI

Check out “Welcome To Sand Hands” – an interactive, choose-your-adventure story on Twitch, written by AI and read by a bot

1. Hubble’s ghost face from space

This “ghost head” spotted by the Hubble telescope in deep space