Doctors perform world’s first robotic neurovascular surgery

What: Scientists have used robots in surgical and interventional procedures for quite a few years now. Recently, a team of doctors in Toronto performed brain aneurysm surgery using a robotic arm.

According to the robotic unit’s manufacturer, the procedure was the world’s first neurovascular surgery using robotics.

How: The doctors used the CorPath GRX robotic unit manufactured by Waltham, MA-based Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. At the end of October 2019, Siemens acquired Corindus in a deal worth reportedly $1.1 billion.

CorPath GRX is a second-generation robotic-assisted system capable of “submillimetric” adjustments during medical procedures.

During the procedure, surgeons had the robot insert a catheter into the patient’s brain. The catheter applied metallic coils into the aneurysm “effectively choking it off from the rest of the brain”.

The team believes that robotic assistance could prove to be a revolutionary improvement in neurosurgery. They are aware, however, that some doctors may hesitate to give up control during such procedures. 

What Next: Incorporating robotic systems in neuro vasculature treatment allows physicians to help stroke patients remotely. The creators are hopeful that the recent procedure will open the doors to more telerobotics interventions of such significance.

Check out how the robotic unit works in this video